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Realize your Home Sweet Home

Get the financing you need to complete your project. It’s simple, easy, and convenient.

Only three steps to building your Home Sweet Home.

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1. Hire one of our trusted Contractors to complete your project.

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2. Apply for financing. There are many options available.

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3. Get your project completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however you’ll ultimately apply with one of our lending partners. First, RenoFi will prepare you to apply for a RenoFi Loan and connect you with a lender, all of which can be done online (or over the phone). To start this process, schedule a call with a RenoFi Advisor.    
People often say RenoFi Loans are too good to be true, so we’re actually flattered if you’re thinking the same thing! RenoFi is not a scam. While RenoFi Loans are a totally new and unique renovation loan option, they're trusted by homeowners all around the country and have funded millions in home renovations so far. Still not convinced? Read more about us on HousingWire, Bankrate, or Business of Home.
Yes. Lenders require finalized construction plans, along with a signed renovation contract between you and your contractor, and a detailed material and labor line item cost breakdown with a clear payment schedule. It’s important to get all of your ducks in a row before you make these commitments. Read this article to find out more about exactly what you need from your contractor in advance.
The money goes directly from the lending institution to you, the homeowner. Then you, the homeowner, pay your contractors directly, just as if you were using your own cash to pay for the renovation.
You’ll need to have finalized construction plans and a signed renovation contract before you officially apply with your lender. We realize it may sound counterintuitive to finalize construction plans before you have secured financing, and that’s why we recommend scheduling a call with a RenoFi advisor as soon as possible to learn more about eligibility requirements from the lenders offering RenoFi Loans.
As of right now, no. Lenders offering RenoFi Loans don’t allow homeowners to use a RenoFi Loan to finance renovations on an investment property.
Yes. We can work with you before closing on a home to gather as many necessary documents as possible, so that as soon as you close, we have all documents needed to send the application along to our lending partner. Remember, you should let your proposed lender know before you close if you are sure that you will be applying for a RenoFi Loan.
Before you apply with the lender, you will meet with a RenoFi Advisor to help you understand exactly what lenders require for eligibility. However, your lender will ultimately approve you for a loan, not your RenoFi Advisor. To get started, read the top 14 reasons homeowners aren’t ready for RenoFi Loans and use the RenoFi Self Pre-qualification tool to see if you're a fit for a RenoFi Loan.
RenoFi Loans do not require draw schedules, inspections or refinancing, like typical construction loans do. Many contractors despise construction loans because of these in-depth requirements. Read this article to learn more about the differences between RenoFi Loans and construction loans.
Typically, cash-out refis only let you tap up to 80% of your home’s current value. That doesn’t sound too bad until you compare it to home equity loans, which can go up to 90% of your home’s current value. What’s even better is that RenoFi Loans allow you to borrow up to 90% of your home’s after renovation value. Some homeowners who are interested in refinancing due to record-low mortgage rates and who are also starting a renovation project will choose to combine a cash-out refinance with a RenoFi Loan. Learn more here.
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